Our Community Funds and Sponsorships

We are committed to supporting our Communities.

We aim to foster lasting relationships with community organisations by funding local initiatives and local not-for-profit organisations. 

Iberdrola Australia sponsors community projects that aim to make a positive difference in the areas of education, fire and police departments, social welfare, country shows, indigenous groups, sports clubs, art festivals and youth programs.


Community Fund and Sponsorship Application Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all community fund and sponsorship applications except Bodangora Wind Farm and Cherry Tree Wind Farm Community Funds. 

Eligibility Criteria

Applications for funding will be considered from organisations that:

  • Deliver social or environmental projects or services to residents in the community.
  • Have a proven track record of achievement and sound project management, or are otherwise able to show the capacity to achieve their stated aims and objectives.
  • Have similar objectives as Iberdrola Australia’s Community Engagement Policy that are in line with socially and environmentally responsible practices.
Application Requirements

When making the application, the organisation should:

  • Identify specific objectives or problems and present respective plans and solutions.
  • Show that the project is planned around an achievable timetable and budget.
  • Be able to demonstrate that the project is directed at solving problems in a sustainable way rather than providing short-term relief from symptoms or long-term dependency.

Applications should outline what evidence will be provided to demonstrate that funds were spent on the project.

Selection Criteria

Although the decision to fund any project will be made at the discretion of the relevant fund or sponsorship committee, there are several circumstances where the committee will not approve funding. This list is not exhaustive, but these circumstances include where the proposed funding:

  • Is salary/remuneration/profit based.
  • Is for a single person – unless the Committee believes the greater community will benefit significantly from the funding.
  • Is religious or political in nature.
  • Requires ongoing funding for sustainability.
  • Supports beauty pageants or similar contests.
  • Provides gambling or games of chance.
  • Does not reflect community standards.
  • Promotes and requires the use of weapons.
  • Denigrates, excludes or offends minority groups.
  • Is not environment-friendly.

Our Community Funds and Sponsorships

The Alinta (Walkaway) Wind Farm Community Fund allocates $15,000 of community funding each year. The Walkaway Wind Farm Community Fund Committee reviews and approves sponsorship applications four times a year.

The Bodangora Community Fund is administered by Dubbo Regional Council’s Community and Recreation Division who can be contacted for details of how to apply for funding at:

The Bodangora Wind Farm Community Fund allocates a minimum of $50,000 of community funding each year. This arrangement is in place for at least the first 25 years of the operation of the wind farm, until 2044. 

Iberdrola Australia also contributes $17,000 each year to the Bodangora Wind Farm Community Enhancement Fund which sponsors local events.  The Community Enhancement Fund is managed and distributed by Infigen and can be applied for via the application button below.

Iberdrola Australia contributes $42,000 per year to the Capital Wind Farm Community Fund. The CCC meets on a quarterly basis and is involved in assessing the Community Fund applications.

Iberdrola Australia has established a long-term Community Benefit Fund (CBF) on behalf of Cherry Tree Wind Farm owner First Sentier Investors. This commitment will ensure that $25,000 is made available to the local community each year, for the first 25 years of the operation of the wind farm. Details of the process to apply for the CBF will be made available in the first half of 2021 and applications will open July/August 2021.

Cherry Tree Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund for 2021 is now open. Applications can be made using the Application form here. Applicants should read and ensure all applications comply with the CBF Guidelines here.

Applications should be emailed to david.mozuras@infigenenergy.com by no later than 5pm on 31 October 2021 (note: applications received after this date may not be registered and accepted).

Iberdrola Australia contributes $45,000 each year to the Lake Bonney Wind Farm Community Fund. The Community Fund Committee reviews and approves fund applications four times a year. 

In addition to our specific wind farm Community Funds, Iberdrola Australia considers applications for sponsorships from our broader communities.

Sponsorships are subject to the same eligibility guidelines as our Community Funds. 

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