What is SKAI?

SKAI - Sharing Knowledge About Immunisation is a suite of vaccination communication support tools. SKAI is designed to equip primary healthcare providers to help them assess parents’ communication and information needs and provide effective, tailored communication, without sacrificing efficiency. The package includes an eLearning module for healthcare workers, accessible information for parents and a website that hosts the system.

How did SKAI come about?

We set out to develop a package of communication strategies and information resources to support better conversations about childhood vaccination in primary care. We assembled an interdisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians to design and evaluate what became SKAI. We worked with parents, communicators, nurses, doctors, an engineer, website designers, educators and other researchers to ensure SKAI has something for everyone.

What is the purpose of SKAI?

We support vaccination because we believe it is beneficial for children and their communities. We respect parents and acknowledge their need for accurate information to inform the health decisions they make for their children. We also want to see parents and professionals have more satisfying conversations about vaccination. 

We know that some parents worry they will be viewed as ignorant, gullible or irresponsible if they ask healthcare providers questions about vaccination. It is our hope that SKAI will give primary healthcare providers the confidence to invite parents to share their questions and concerns during vaccination consultations and reassure them that vaccines are the safest way to protect their children from some infectious diseases.

What can SKAI do for healthcare professionals?

SKAI is designed to give confidence to healthcare professionals that the parents they see have access to credible information about vaccination that supports their recommendations for their children. The SKAI website for parents contains information and videos for parents. The SKAI website for healthcare workers contains information to help healthcare workers recognise parents who can benefit from their time and expertise (and avoid extended or confrontational interactions); information to help them respond to parents’ questions or concerns; a recommendation for structuring their vaccination consultations; and tips we gathered from experienced clinicians.

We have translated information about the vaccinations recommended at each milestone into Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese. The website also contains information about vaccination for special risk groups and information about referral pathways available in every state or territory. Healthcare workers can access all of this directly from the SKAI website for healthcare workers or download printable versions of the SKAI resources.

Healthcare workers can access the SKAI website for healthcare professionals by completing the SKAI eLearning module1. This module is designed to help them adapt their clinical communication skills to meet the needs of all parents, whether they are ready to vaccinate, have questions or intend to decline vaccination altogether. SKAI is designed to help them continue to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide to their community.

Who is responsible for SKAI content?

Besides an extensive development group, a team at NCIRS conducts regular updates of the SKAI package. An international advisory group also provides advice on the scientific direction and governance of SKAI.

Also refer to SKAI - supporting communities and SKAI - supporting health professionals

Last updated February 2019